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About us

“Unique with PHILIP KLAR”

Philip Klar, born in Hamburg in 1976, experienced his childhood directly on the Elbe, the youth at the Schlei in the Baltic Sea. From an early age, he surrounded himself with precisely the elements and materials that can be found in his work today: wood, horn, steel.

He pursued the resulting passion for manufacturing and shaping through a manual apprenticeship and studying design. Characterized by interdisciplinary art and design trends such as the Arts and Crafts Movement and the Bauhaus, the central characteristics of his work are simplicity and serious handling of the material. With a deep respect for how nature meant it, Philip Klar tackles it intuitively, works with the structures and conditions of the material, never against it.

Although timeless, but always up to date, his pieces do not submit to the transience of a seasonal trend. The design language is characterized by the interplay of archaic and modern, elegant lines. A logically reduced aesthetics and the absence of trendy decorative elements describe his style.

It overcomes the boundaries between design and craft, between art and technology. In the current New Edge collection, Philip Klar combines water buffalo horn with precious metals and jewels.

Even in series production, this material ensures that each piece is unique due to its color deviations. Permanently designed and affordable, the rings in the Horn Collection illustrate the guiding principles of designer Philip Klar.