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Care Instructions

Care Instructions

The special material
The use of special materials also requires particularly careful care.
A material can be so strong, but it requires a bit of attention and the right handling from time to time.

Please find some tips and information here on how you can enjoy your jewelry for a long time.

Care instructions for your horn products
- Do not clean your hornware before reading the treatment guide. The instructions are included with the product and you can also find them here on this homepage. Your guarantee is void if you have treated your horn products incorrectly.
- Clean horned goods with running, lukewarm water without using soap and other solvents. Dry hornware immediately.
- Never wash hornware in the dishwasher.
- Never soak horned products in water. You may briefly immerse horn products in cold or lukewarm water and dry them immediately. Never use warm water.
- Never leave horn products in liquid for a long time. B. in jams, salads or dressings.
- Avoid placing hornware in direct sunlight or near heat sources.
- Heirlooms made of horn, e.g. B. old tablespoons, must be oiled at regular intervals to prevent drying out.
Treatment of dining spoons

- Tablespoon, e.g. B. Baby and children's spoons may only be used for feeding. Do not use the spoon until the food has cooled to body temperature.

Treatment of kitchen spoons

The spoons are only briefly in liquids, e.g. B. while eating. Clean the spoon immediately after use and according to the applicable operating instructions.

Treatment of hair combs

Combs with fine teeth must not be loose in the handbag, as the teeth can fall off. You should keep the comb in a case.

Treatment of jewelry

Take off your jewelry when you wash your hands or take a shower. Avoid losing jewelry and keep it in cases when traveling.

Treatment of drinking horns

The horns are boiled out and rinsed in boiling water when we get them from Africa.
We rinse the drinking horns twice with warm water and we recommend that you do the same.