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Ring Sizes

Ring Sizes

To make it easier for you to choose the right ring size, you will find some useful information and documents here. If you need help please contact us!

So that your ring fits really well, the choice of the right ring size is crucial to guarantee good and pleasant wearing comfort and so that you do not lose your ring. Therefore, you must determine your optimal ring size before each purchase!

Determination of the inner ring diameter:

The easiest way to do this is to measure an existing, well-fitting ring by measuring the diameter by hand. Simply place the ring on a tape measure or ruler. Ideally you have a caliper. Determine the inside diameter in millimeters and you have your individual ring size.

Or you can download this template, print it out and follow the instructions.

 Your finger circumference corresponds to the inner circumference and as a measure for determining the ring size is far more precise than the measure of the inner diameter.

To determine the optimal ring size without an existing ring, please use a thread or cord to measure the circumference of your finger at the point where you want to wear the ring. You can also wrap a strip of paper tightly around your finger at the point of use, mark the point and then measure the length of the strip to the mark (in mm). This value corresponds to the inner circumference of the ring.

Please also note:

Measure exactly the finger on which you want to wear the ring, as the finger circumference of the right and left hand can differ considerably.

As the ring size changes over time, please check whether the “old” size is still correct.
Your ring size changes over the course of the day. In the evening, fingers are often thicker than in the morning.
The ring size also changes in the course of life, e.g. during / after pregnancy, diet or illness. Therefore, if possible, do not trust a size that was determined a long time ago.
The time of year also has an influence on the size of your fingers. In summer, fingers are usually thicker than in winter - the higher the temperature, the thicker the fingers.

For optimal comfort, you should choose a larger size for wider rings than for narrow rings.